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Feeding the family

July 7, 2010

This is the hard one.

I have my weight struggles, and do not have answers.

I want to start the kids off right.

But what is right. Many contradictions. But I think it should be real food. Not the processed and rifined stuff. But kids want just sugar. Cold cereal. Candy. Store bought cookies.

I don’t know how to do real food with the kids. I cook and make things with them, to try but they don’t eat the stuff if it doesn’t have sugar. What kind of real food does that become. We made our own breakfast cereal granola type thing with soaked oatmeal and yogurt. I added chocolate chips to the mixture to intice Coco to eat them. Not organic or fair trade chocolate or anything. She still wouldn’t eat them. No neon coloured Froot loops or Unlucky Charms were they. So I ate them in the end. I can’t let food go to waste. But I am supposed to be low carb, no grain.

I’ll have to work the other way with vegetables, real real food.

We still have the store bought cereal in the pantry. The other fight is with my Husband. He beleives the kids should be able to eat what they want. Regardless of teeth and health. He thinks real food is just another crazy idea of mine another diet of mine he has to suffer through. He may be thin but he has his health problems. But still beleives fat is an enemy and insist on fake food such a Margarine in the house. And the kids then prefer the margarine because it is easier to spread.

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