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Too darn hot: pools

July 9, 2010

We’re heat wavin’ like everyone else I guess. But as usual for these parts, we are about 5 degrees lower than everyone else. But it is hot and humid nonetheless.

I work in an over-air-conditioned lab so no complaints here. But the kids are in day camp. Tennis-soccer day camp, lots of sports for the heat.

We head to the public pools in the evenings.

Here in Northern Quebec where summer is about 2 months, so many houses have pools. A way unproportionate number.  Everyone who flies into town remarks on this as they see the pools from overhead.

We are the rebels without a pool. But are we really rebels as my husband and I consider us to be, but losers as our kids consider us to be. We mock those with big holes in their ground or aboveground masses on their lawns for 11.5 months of the year and then drool for the 2 swimmable weeks of the year.

But there are public pools. That are perfect for lazy people like me who don’t want to take care of a pool. Any there is hardly anyone there, because everyone has their own pool. And there is a lifeguard, perfect for my unruly kids.

So as usual we are against the grain, contradictoire.

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