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savory rhubarb

July 13, 2010

Things happen late here in the north. We are mid-July and just now our rhubarb is ready.

It’s one of the only vegetables we have in our garden. The only thing hardy enough for Northern Quebec.

Coco helped me cut the stalks and Hen tossed out the toxic leaves into the forest, since we can’t put them in our compost.

Next challenge was for a low-carb way of eating them. All recipes involve lots of sugar. The traditional Quebec way of eating them is just to dip the stalks into sugar and eat raw.

I remember having a no sugar recipe for them but couldn’t find it. Nothing easily found on the web for a sugar-free, real food, low-carb savory recipe.

So I tried to make it from memory.

Basically, it is chopped rhubarb, lots of butter, salt, and lemon juice (I added frozen cubes of juice I had).

It makes a sort of tart compote. Which is good alone or maybe mixed with yogurt.

But as usual with this great food, the kids, nor husband for that matter, will eat it.

If it ain’t store bought, or loaded with sugar, how can it be good?

Oh well, more for me?

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