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Other Peoples Contradictions – Weather

July 15, 2010

We are still going through the heatwave here. This is a rare phenomena for this part of the world. We are not over-30°C- country here. We are more below -30°C people. We cover up and complain endlessly about the cold. We spend a fortune on trips ‘down south’. I personally have worked hard on SAD and lack of sunlight. By spending a fortune on trips to the south and embracing winter sports. To get only the little bit of sunlight we do have. I seem to remember in the Yukon a part of your salary would go to a trip ‘down south’ as a SAD/cabin fever preventative measure.

Now we have the opposite. Hot. It will last a couple of weeks. We didn’t have it last two summers.

So why is everyone complaining? (Probably in part because of the serious lack of air conditioning in our houses because of general lack of need. ) But we gotta just embrace it. Think of those horrible -30°C days where we are cooped in our houses and worried that our cars won’t start and frostbite. Stop complaining people. Remember that you pay a fortune for this in the winter. And you don’t complain then. Go to the pool. And go to the shopping mall if you can’t bear it. Because, as everywhere, the malls are over air-conditioned here.

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