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Contradictions – low carb

July 17, 2010

My food journey (obsession) probably went like this:

Low calorie: many things that didn’t last more than a week or so including things like the Scarsdale diet, Weight Watchers, Mincavi (a Quebec version of Weight Watchers) All sorts of things that leave you really hungry in general But I did loose some weight; but never as much as I wanted.

Then I discovered Geneen Roth and compulsive eating.

By just letting myself eat whatever I want when I want but then stopping when full. I added the caveat of always eating the minimum that I could.

And I managed to keep my weight at the diet size.

For some time, but then things creeped back.

So I heard about low-carb.

As much as I didn’t believe in everything they were saying I did believe that by not eating sugar and starches I could control my overeating
(à la Roth). I thought I would give it a shot for a month. It did work.

For about a year. But life gets in the way with trips to Italy, long visits from my mother, from whom I had to hide the low-carb because I am contradictoire, and like leading the double life.

And the weight creeps back.

But maybe I should not complain, I’m not fat; just want to be skinnier, like any girl. And the low-carb does keep things under control. I have no control with and open bag of cookies.

Lately, I have been trying to move to the real food side of low carb. Getting rid of the processed part. I never did like the artificial sweetener side.

Is just hard managing the life style with the people around me. My husband doesn’t believe, he probably thinks I will die of a heart attack or something. And kids, well they live on starch and sugar. I try to convert them, but society and my husband fight back.

But one thing I don’t get. Appetite. I eat a lot. Many on low carb talk of satiation, and how a high fat, nutrient dense diet keeps them going long times. But not for me. I’ll eat three eggs, cheese and sausage for breakfast, and be hungry by mid-morning. Which will go on with a high fat yogurt. Then some big luch later. Maybe I need to keep my Apatite in check, but I don’t think so, it is real hunger. So it keeps the grocery bills high. And the weight okay (but I still dream of skinny).

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