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Deit: Weight or Health?

July 19, 2010

So I go on these ‘diets’ or ‘way of eating’ or ‘lifestyle changes’. And it should all be about health. But it’s not. It’s only about weight. Initially. Why are we (I) so obsessed with weight? I’m still not fat. Though I don’t always like the way my body appears on pictures, and I come from a thin family relatively I am often the ‘big boned’ one.

I try diets to loose weight. They only work some and then I give up.

But I must admit that the low-carb did lead to some health changes. With my over-busy life. Or maybe it wasn’t my over busy life, but the way I face my over-busy life. I ended up with anxiety and depression problems. With which I constantly struggle.  Oh start with natural remedies and then end up with Effexor. Which worked. But when I went on low-carb, I could get rid of it. Then when I slide off the low-carb train, the symptoms come back. Pretty amazing, eh? So I know I have to stick with the low-carb, even though my weight doesn’t go the skinny range I want. But I never would have tried the low-carb if there would have been no weight loss incentive.


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