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My Beautiful Brunette

July 22, 2010

Eight years ago and some, I gave birth to a beautiful brunette nicknamed Coco.

My first (and only) daughter. This was different for me than my boy. I know what it is like being a girl. And all its pressures. I try to answer to those pressures: by trying to be something that I am not. I dye my hair and diet, and do crazy exercise.

But look at this beautiful brunette, what kind  of a message am I sending to her.

So not long after her birth, I made three resolutions:

1) No more hair dye, find your natural colour, which should be brown like Coco’s

2) no more diets, accept your size

3) no more exercise for exercise sake.

So for number 1 it was quite easy. Though it did take time,  and when I finally got back to my natural brown colour and met up with my Father, he didn’t even believe that it was my natural colour. He remembers a dirty blond young girl. But then in my teenage years I was dying my hair red, then streaking it blond, and in between playing with other lighter shades of brown. Now I have a beautiful dark (not mousy) brown mane. In fact it is quite liberating, I don’t have the time for many hair salon appointments. And I am so proud since at my age I am one of few that doesn’t need to dye. Thanks Coco.

For number 2, diet, I have discussed low-carb and real food in previous posts. But I am no longer restricting the amount of food I eat. I don’t starve myself or deprive myself of food, just certain kinds. So I think I have kept this one.

For number 3, exercise. This was about exercising for exercising. Which I no longer do. Now it is about exercise for fun or play. I restarted skiing, which I enjoy with Coco and Hen. I took up tennis in a big way. Then got back into biking. But no jogging or going to the gym. I think I stay fit and health this way. I no longer exercise, I play. Example from the kids.


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