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Contradictions: Green Living

July 23, 2010

This one is too easy. So many contradictions.

We try and live green:

Recycling, bring your own bags, air drying clothes (I haven’t used my clothes dryer in years, wonder if it still works), bike to work and places in between, clean diesel fuel efficient car, local food buying, reduce packaging, composting,…

But we do love to consume:

Flying and traveling and clothes, probably our favorite vice.

But sometimes I wonder if some things are just inherently contradictory. Like biking to work. I remember in University doing the math on the energy to ride the elevator up a couple of levels and the amount of food and fuel involved to walk up those levels. Well it was more energy to walk; as we know the human body ain’t the most efficient machine.

And then the eternal question: is any of it worthwhile? or just a drop in the bucket.

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