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For the love of tennis

July 26, 2010

For some reason tennis is always regarded as a sort of snob sport, definitely not a hippie thing.

But it’s a great sport. It agrees with my play philosophy. Keeps us moving, a game of singles is a good cardio and muscle workout. The competition/game aspect keeps us moving, unlike any solitary sport like running or gym, there is an opponent, a win-loose situation keeping us motivated. Which give it a good social aspect as well. I have met many friends through the tennis. People that aren’t work or family associated, gives me a break and a new perspective. I only picked up the sport about 5 years ago, when Coco was 2, and I felt a need to get out of the house and away from work, and it worked.

Now I am slowly trying to get the kids on board. It give us some family time and some fitness, and in the summer at least we are outside. The kids do like it, but I must admit it, sometimes the loosing thing is hard for them to accept.

But we will keep playing: the non snob version of the game.


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