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August 15, 2010

We are on a well earned vacation for this week and the last. Last week in Toronto, visiting family and friends, this week in Southern California visiting friends and sites. Alternately eating wonderfully and crap. We ate at some wonderful authentic ethnic restaurants: Chinese in Chinatown, Japanese with a Japanese friend, great Indian the other night. This is a real treat for me, the big city girl living in a small town. Where we live it’s pretty white bread; Italian food is considered exotic.

But it all hasn’t been great cuisine. Lots of junk, as eating out in great restaurants is not always within our budget. And I have this problem of not being able to throw away food, so I end up eating the leftovers and food that no one else will eat. Lots of carbs and processed fake food.

Funny thing, in Disneyland they have tried to make ‘healthier’ kids menus. This means no fries with the hot dogs and nuggets, but rather apples or carrots: good with the fruit and vegetables, although they do have scary preservatives, but then the hot dogs and nuggets? And no pop with the drinks; but sugary fruit juices allowed. Oh well, I think it is a good start.

Hopefully for me the scale won’t be mean on my return and I won’t have too many problems with my other health related issues with fake food and carbs.

Bon Voyage.

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