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Other People’s Gardens

August 21, 2010

Love fresh home grown vegetables. But I just don’t have the time to garden. Nor do I have the sunny space, on my tree dense woody property. Plus I live in the north where the growing season is real short. Frost free days start 24th of June! The weekend celebrating Quebec’s patron saint: John the Baptist.  Not much time to grow in my slow growing shady yard. I’d need a green house or to start up inside as some do.  So we go the all the farmer’s markets and before participated in the CSA, before there were too many price and choice protests from other family members.

But now I have discovered the ultimate source of free veggies. Other people’s gardens. The best are from the retired empty nesters. They have time on their hands, undertake gardening and then have too many vegetables for just them. For me this started with my in-laws, then my retired boss, now the pre-retired couple from whom I am getting my eggs. These people have time and take great care of their gardens. They often are gardening organically, removing slugs by hand. They usually don’t even want money in exchange, but I try and provide them with the cooked vegetables: pesto, soup, compote, whatever I am making with their stuff.

Oh next year I will garden in earnest, but I say this every year. So far I only have rhubarb, chives and Swiss chard, the hardiest of veggies. Even, I am always warned not to plant mint it will take over. I have planted it many times and it dies before the end of the growing season. No green thumb here.

But next year, yeah next year, I’ll try a kitchen garden.

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