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Radish Leaf Soup

August 22, 2010

I can’t throw any food away, or even dump it in the compost. Most veggie cuttings make it into the bag in the freezer used for making broth. But some I try to use. Radish leaves being one. Another one where I remember having a recipe, but not finding it. So I go on the internet googling ‘radish leave soup’. Ending up with this. A typical low fat recipe, and I tried it and it is really quite fibrous and stringy and didn’t taste much. This time I googled in French and came up with soupe aux fanes de radis. It just sounded better. I made it and it tasted fantastic. But then found out that I had some mistranslation and it is a recipe for radis tops, oh la la. Whatever, it tasted great (probably just beacause its got alot of cream) and now I have a tasty way to deal with my radish leaves.

The recipe:

Fry a small onion in butter, add chopped radish leaves (not too much, I’m not even going to give a measurements, leaves just don’t measure it depends on how you compact them) and good salt. Add 3 cups of  broth. Boil. Add a good amount of cream: 1/4 to 1/2 cup?. Put all in blender. Enjoy.

Of coarse no one else in the family ate it. Too green, too healthy looking. Oh well, more for me.

Posted as part of the Healthy Home Economist‘s  Monday Mania

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