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Hen makes soup

August 23, 2010

I love soups. Always making them. We have so much broth that my husband makes with leftover bones and vegetable cuttings. I throw all sorts of things in, but no one else in the family will eat my soups. Too healthy looking. The kids want store bought Lipton soup or instant noodles. I figured out the Lipton Chicken noodle soup one: add a small amount of curry to chicken broth, then some noodles, no need for chicken, I doubt Lipton even puts much in, real easy.

But for my soups I finally inspired my son Hen. He asked if he could invent a soup too. So we started with the usual broth. Then he asked for tomatoes, we added a can of diced tomatoes. Then he wanted a veggie, and with a fridge full of great harvest vegetables he asked for an onion. Oh well I really think it gave the flavour the soup needed. Then as requested we topped it of with noodles of coarse.

It was a great soup. He was quite proud. So was I: I figured a way for at least one kid to eat more good broth.

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