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More Contradictions: tv shows

August 27, 2010

This blog was not supposed to be just about food. So far I have written a lot about it, because I am very obsessed with feeding. But it was supposed to be about all the contradictions I which I live. Food being a big one. But another is my TV watching. I like to think of myself as a bit of an intellectual. So I should be watching arty documentaries, or at best the news. Not. I never watch documentaries: too slow and dumbed down I find. And the news: I prefer it on the radio and internet. No I watch things that are as far from my reality as possible.

For instance, now I am watching Entourage. About a bunch of young boys in Hollywood chasing girls (or in some cases girls chasing them) and living the big Hollywood life. It is hilarious. And so far from my life

Then before I was watching big love. About a polygamous family. Yes I am sure there are probably few polygamists watching the show. But I don’t even really believe in religion. This is so far from my life. Excellent escapism.

Then before that it was Weeds. Initially about a suburban housewife drug dealer. Am I suburban, maybe, but the rest, not. But another hilarious show.

I really think I, we, need this good escapist TV, nothing serious.

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