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Sour about Sourdough

August 31, 2010

I’ve been working hard trying to get the family on better bread. Sourdough. I think I started all this in the spring sometime.  I thought I’d be a purist a make a wild starter. It all started with my son complaining that I was cooking more with his sister. So I thought that a sourdough with it’s living cultures would make a more interesting and challenging project for him. Plus, I was working a something similar in the lab at work and thought some concepts and knowledge might carry over.

First getting the starter ready took me a couple of weeks. Then finding time to make the bread. Of coarse the first came out as hard as a rock. Batch number two not much better, but it was also undercooked. Both went straight to the compost heap.

But I don’t give up easily. The fact that the two first didn’t work made me more want to keep at it. My son not so much, he had quite lost interest in the project. But I must thank A Moderte Life‘s sourdough-tutorial, where I was getting better advice and pictures for along the way. I started bread trial number three on the weekend. Little did I know that we were headed into a heat wave as school starts. I thought a fresh loaf of bread would be good for the first day of school, but no, with +30°C weather I was baking bread, and the family was whining about the heat.

But it did sort of work. Didn’t rise as much as I might have liked, but the taste was good and the texture too. But the main problem: no one ate it, or even tried it. Too hot for bread, a son that had lost interest in the project and I had caved in on the weekend to buy his instant noodles. Hopefully the bread keeps well and the family will try it, I don’t want to eat the two loaves myself!


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