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Canadian Milk

September 9, 2010

The Good News:

  • no growth hormones allowed for Canadian cows (just need to watch imported milk)
  • no antibiotics in the milk (the milk is discarded from cows receiving antibiotics and a few days after)
  • more small family farms

The Bad News:

  • Heavy regulations and milk quotas
  • No raw milk
  • No choice
  • All milk seems to come from the Holstein cow: it represents 90% of Canadian herd

My mother talked of when she was young there were milk from different types of cows, each with a different taste. Now it’s all just the Holstein. The low fat milk cow.

In Between:

Apparently, in Canada, there are many farms (farming the same breed of cows) but there are few processors.

But for some reason, here we have a local dairy processor:

Which somehow makes a milk that just tastes more. All their products are somehow creamier tasting. The odd thing though is some brainwashed low fat people think this creamy taste is a bad thing. The downside is the milk does go off sooner, but for me it just means that the milk is more real, less processed, and artificially preserved.

some info:

photo source

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