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Serena Williams: an Homage

September 10, 2010
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I vaguely remember her coming on to the scene in the late 90s. She was touted as being better than her sister. But I wasn’t much into tennis then, always having trouble keeping her apart from Venus.

But she made sure we took notice. And notice I did which has turned with time into a great admiration.

Yes she’s the best in tennis. But we need her also because of her role model. As a girl I loved sports, but any professional or amateur woman athlete, essentially looked like a man, or boy. Flat chested, no curves. But Serena, this is a role model I could have used. A woman who looks like a woman. And still number 1. Not affraid to sweat, build muscle, do what it takes to win, and be her own person. I even can use her as a shopping model. If the site/label says Serena wore it, I know it can fit and will cover. If I like the style, because she used to go a bit far out for me.

I am now raising a beautiful girl and trying to let her know that she can be herself, but great. Even I joke that I have got her into tennis just because I think it is the only sport where a woman can really make money and achieve status. I mean does anyone really know the name of a female soccer or basketball player? But really my daughter is into tennis because I play and like to spend time with her.

Watching the US open now and missing you Serena. Cut your foot on glass in a restaurant? sounds more like something I would do.

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