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Cod Liver Oil

September 16, 2010

There’s a song playing on the radio here in Canada from time to time about the great healing properties of Cod Liver Oil. It’s about a man trying to help his sad and sickly bride. He uses Cod Liver Oil and she gets better (but I think she falls in love with the doctor who prescribed it). You can listen here if you like traditional songs. I also had heard here and there about the great things that CLO can do for us. But for me the tipping point really was a podcast of Rami Nagel on curing tooth decay. My opinion of dentists is not high, I think I’ll leave all of that for another post sometime. But the least of dentists that I, and my kids, have to see would just be a good thing. So I searched around for the right CLO, which seems to be the Green Pasture’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil which seems to have many advantages with a bonus selling point in that you need somewhat of a lower dose. Shopping on their website shows they have different varieties of flavours  (plain, cinnamon, orange) and forms (liquid, capsules and gummies).

Being new to the thing, I went with the capsules for me and the gummies for the kids. Bonus, the gummies were on sale, because the whole thing was quite pricey with the shipping. Got them a couple of days ago. I opened the gummies, and the odour was enough to knock me out. But kids don’t smell before eating do they? No they do, and they refused even to try them. Although they did agree to swallowing the capsules with milk. But then Coco complained of burping the oil until lunch.  So I suggested that she take the capsules before eating breakfast, which we are going to try tomorrow, today she wanted a break for the day. Oh, we’ll see, this may be another one of my ongoing battles for real food in the family.

But my recommendation are the capsules for the kids, before a meal, and no gummies, I even noticed today there are no gummies on the Green Pasture’s web site. I guess I should have known, something on sale means no one wants it.

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