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Not easy – lots of conflicts

September 29, 2010

It’s no news to anyone that it’s hard finding the time to keep these blogs up and running. Then I have all these great ideas about what to write but they are all jumbled in my head. And then I want to blog more about real food and health benefits, but quite frankly I have been having a cold that just won’t leave me. Or is it allergies? I’m really just sick and tired of the running nose thing. Should I then be giving up dairy? But I can’t. My usual contradictions. Then I should be really using those environmentally friendly handkerchiefs rather than reams of disposable Kleenex, but as soon as the nose tap goes into no stop I just want the disposable option. Another of my contradictions. Or is it all the go inside time of year that gets the nose up and running again?

And then I’ve been hungry all the time of late. I always think going low carb and nutrient dense, I shouldn’t be hungry, and should be able to nourish with less. But then, the scale did go down, so I must have  been needing the extra food. Always listen to your hunger.

Well hopefully now that the ice is broken I can continue with more posts.

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