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Movies and Food: The Hurt Locker

February 1, 2011

I love watching movies. It lets us go elsewhere, see other things. Oddly, I always like to see the food they eat in the movies. Normally looking at old movies or costume dramas and seeing how/what they eat.

Last night I watched The Hurt Locker. Good movie and all that. I was afraid it was going to be all American  patriotic, which us non-Yankees can find somewhat over the top. But no, great movie.

But there was little food in the movie, some pictures of Iraqi markets and butcher shops where the food was raw and freshly cut. But then,

And here be some spoilers in case you were planning on watching the movie don’t read further

In the end, when the soldier returns home and finds that he can’t adapt to normal life after his tours in Iraq, what was the tipping point? (After the discussions with his wife and son of coarse) It was the wall full of commercial boxed cereal. (which I even heard was from a Canadian grocery store) In stead of facing the wall of cereal, and fake food, he goes back for another tour of duty in Iraq.


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