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Les bonnes adresses: Red Rose Tea, only in Canada, eh?

February 2, 2011

‘Les bonnes adresses’ is French for where to get the good stuff.

For tea, in Canada it is Red Rose. It’s an orange pekoe blend here rather than the black version of the US.

This was one of my favorite commercials when I was a kid:

It pretty much sums it all up, even it was running during the whole royal weddings craze. Which seems to be starting up again.

But with somewhat of an improved consciousness since then I have been trying to go for Fair Trade tea. I made the switch for coffee. But for the tea I just don’t seem to be able to find an equivalent great tasting tea to the Red Rose. I think even part of the goodness comes from the bag itself, of coarse the tea inside is more important but… I couldn’t find a good picture, but on their website at the top, you can see the texture of the bags; not just cheap paper.

Now Red Rose claims to be ‘Rainforest Alliance Certified’ not convinced this is as good as Fair Trade. This seems more to do with the fact they were bought by Lipton some time ago. Again, the loss of some of our great Canadian brands.

Now that I am on the no caffeine thing, I did switch to their caffeine free version. But it ain’t good. I seems to have a fishy aroma; can that be possible? So now I am on the quest to find a great fair trade decaf tea. Wish me luck.

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