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Northern Exposure

March 6, 2011

So far we haven’t had much snow here. We live too far north for much snow. Snow falls mostly between -5 and 0°C. Winters are colder than that here. But finally we have been having snow. Close to one meter in the last week. We had to take advantage. We went skiing Wednesday, it is March break after all. We had a ball. Coco had snow up to her hips; us, our knees. More skiing Saturday. But this time Coco sprained her knee in the thick powder. We would have loved to see a doctor, but this is no easy option where we live. Like in Northern Exposure, and La Grande Séduction, where they have to woo doctors in, so do we. And there are not enough. We may have universal health care, where we don’t need to pay a cent to see a doctor, but we would have to go to a big city to see the said doctors. I am a strong proponent of our Canadian system, but something has to change for us smaller northern towns. If I want to see my doctor, I have to go first thing Monday morning to get an appointment for the following week. (this is good, my last doctor was once a month for the following month). They don’t answer the phone, so don’t bother calling. There are few walk ins, maybe twice a week, and you have to be in the know to get an appointment, you know part of that crowd that is constantly seeing doctors, they know what time to show up and where to go. The only other option is an 8 hour wait at emerge, a sprained knee will not be considered an emergency, and we would get the good wait to be ‘told a lesson’ not to come too often.

Okay venting over.

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